"14 Generations"

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Australians have had a love affair with the Ford Falcon GT for 14 generations! From the first public release of the XR in 1967 to the last released model, the FG MKII, this down-under equivalent of the quintessential muscle car, the Ford Mustang, has captivated car lovers of all ages.
Through a dynasty of fourteen different models, the Falcon GT has stamped it's mark on both the hallowed racetrack at Bathurst, as well as on the streets of cities and towns all around the country. The GT is as much a part of Australian culture as The Melbourne Cup, Aussie Rules Football and even the backyard barbie itself!
Recognising that we are witnessing the very last generation of this Aussie icon, passionate Ford car collectors, The Lane Family, set out to create a family reunion of all fourteen generations of the GT Dynasty. With the exception of one, very rare but shy member of the family, the Lanes have successfully brought together outstanding representatives of all fourteen generations for a genuine, single-shot family portrait. This is, in all likelihood, the only time all fourteen generations have been photographed in the one image. A truly unique gathering of motoring history, more than worthy of the complete historical collections that Henry Ford himself is famous for creating in the Ford Museum in Detroit.
Professionally shot from a cherry-picker, at dusk and on a slow exposure by John at Air Images who runs the Absolute Classics car photography brand, this one-of-a-kind family reunion photo has been a labour of love for the Falcon GT, that is unlikely to ever be repeated.
From oldest to youngest, the fourteen generations of the GT really tell the story of multiple generations of Australians themselves, with many GT lovers likely to recognise several models owned by grandparents, parents and children in their own family.
Originally intended as a Police pursuit vehicle, the 1967 XR GT was released as a slightly disguised road-going racing car, ultimately named Modern Motor's 'Best Sports Sedan' Award 1967! Since then, the GT has battled at Bathurst and ferried families to the beach on weekends. The image of these fourteen generations of Australian motoring history, all together in the one place, evokes all the emotions of the sounds, smells and memories that accompany this great Australian car.
In addition to your print you will receive an authentication certificate of your purchase plus vital statistics for the vehicles from this truly Australian range of GT Falcons.
With regards,
Roy Lane