Ford EcoSport Features

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Ford EcoSport Features

The city can serve up plenty of challenges – potholes, narrow laneways, rough surfaces, you name it. So it’s good to know EcoSport is equipped to take pretty much any challenge in its stride.


Ready for whatever the city serves up

Even the smallest details in the EcoSport are designed to make your drives exceptional. From rear-seats that fold up to create more space, to stowage compartments designed to perfectly fit your coffee cups, water bottles, smartphones and tablets - EcoSport is on your side, in ways big and small.

Capability Features 1

A Quieter Ride

Cities are noisy. But not inside the EcoSport. Designed with an outstandingly quiet interior, the EcoSport turns even the busiest peak-hour street into a relaxing haven. We even made the tyres quieter!  

Capability Features 1

Fit In Just About Anywhere

You want an SUV but your life is in the city. That’s no problem with the EcoSport. Its urban dimensions make it easy to park and get around crowded city streets, yet its styling and ride height give you the confidence of an SUV.  

Capability Features 2

209mm Ground Clearance

When it comes to getting you where you want to go, the EcoSport means business. It puts 209mm of ground clearance between you and the road, potholes, rough surfaces or whatever else is in your way. Add good approach and departure angles and you’re basically ready for anything the city can throw at you.

Capability Features 3

6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Delivers better fuel economy, quieter operation, and less vibration. Paddle shift on Titanium delivers extra adaptability.

Capability Features 3

Hill Launch Assist1

Hill Launch Assist holds the brake for a few seconds after you take your foot off, giving you time to smoothly accelerate away, either uphill or downhill, without rolling or losing control.

Capability Features 4

Elevated Ride Height

Even roads you take every day will look different in the EcoSport. It seats you higher so you see more of what’s going on around you, and makes getting in and out of your car a breeze.

[1] Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver's attention, judgement and need to control the vehicle. May not operate at certain speeds, or in certain driving, road or weather conditions.


Stay in tune with your city.

Make calls, listen to text messages and play your favourite tunes, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road1. It’s just one of the ways the Ford EcoSport helps to make life easier.


Next-Level Connectivity with SYNC®32

Smarter, larger and more capable than ever before, SYNC®32 seamlessly integrates your smartphone with your EcoSport. It uses voice-activated technology to connect you with some of your favourite smartphone apps via Apple CarPlay3, Android Auto4 or AppLink5.

Technology Features 1
Technology Features 2

Automatic Headlamps

When daylight starts to fade, EcoSport Titanium’s headlamps automatically turn on and shine6 so you never lose sight of where you’re going.

Technology Features 3

Park with Ease

The EcoSport features a Rearview Camera that turns on every time you shift into reverse. There’s also Rear Parking Sensors to help guide you into tight spots, and Front Parking Sensors on Titanium too.

Technology Features 3

Rain-Sensing Wipers

Be it drizzle, light showers or torrential rain, EcoSport Titanium’s windscreen wipers will turn on automatically6 so you can see the road ahead more clearly.

Technology Features 3

Smart Keyless Entry

Fumbling through your bag for your car keys is a thing of the past with Smart Keyless Entry. All you need is your key fob and your EcoSport Titanium’s doors will automatically unlock at your touch when you’re nearby. Once you’re in, just push the start button7 and you’re ready to go.

Technology Features 4

Automatic Climate Control

No matter what it’s like outside, you can ride in comfort. Simply select your preferred temperature and your EcoSport Titanium will maintain it masterfully.

[1] Local laws may prohibit some or all of the phone functions while driving. Check your local road rules before using these functions.
[2] Not all SYNC®3 features are compatible with all phones. For compatibility, see Local laws may prohibit some or all of the phone functions while driving. Check your local road rules before using these functions.
[3] Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc, and requires a phone with compatible version of Apple iOS, active data service and genuine USB cable (available separately). Message and data rates may apply. SYNC® does not control Apple CarPlay while in use. Apple Inc is responsible for its functionality. Warning: Local laws prohibit some or all of the text messaging functions while driving. Check your local road rules before using these functions.
[4] Android Auto is a trademark of Google Inc. Android Auto requires a phone with compatible version of Android™, active data service and genuine USB cable (available separately). SYNC® does not control Android Auto while in use. Google is responsible for its functionality. Message and data rates may apply. Warning: Local laws prohibit some or all of the text messaging functions while driving. Check your local road rules before using these functions.
[5] Ford Applink® is available on selected SYNC® models and is compatible with select smartphone platforms
[6] Activation will not occur in all circumstances. Feature does not replace driver’s judgement.
[7] Available in Titanium only.


More of what you need, less of what you don't

No one should be a regular at their petrol station. That’s why the Ford EcoSport is designed to give you excellent fuel economy and responsive power, which means you’ll be seeing the guys at the pump a lot less frequently.

Efficiency Features 1

1.0L Turbo Petrol EcoBoost

Voted best sub-1.0L International Engine of the Year for 6 years running, the 92kW, 3-cylinder EcoBoost Petrol, which is standard on the EcoSport Trend and Titanium, delivers impressive fuel economy. What you don’t expect is its power. In fact, this turbocharged petrol engine delivers 92kW of power and 170Nm of torque along with thrifty fuel economy of 6.7L per 100km.

Efficiency Features 1

1.5L Petrol Engine

Featured in EcoSport Ambiente, this new 3-cylinder engine delivers impressive performance and economy.

Efficiency Features 2

Aerodynamic Design

The EcoSport’s enhanced aerodynamic design is more than a style enhancement. It’s
designed to help save fuel – making it both eco-friendly and economical.

Efficiency Features 3

EPAS (with Pull-Drift Compensation)

Stable, responsive steering is the mark of a high-quality drive, and the EcoSport doesn’t disappoint. Electric power-assist steering is designed to adjust to feel ‘lighter’ in slow traffic and ‘heavier’ at higher speeds for better control.

At the same time, it can adapt to changing road and weather conditions, compensating for factors like cross-winds and potholes. Best of all, it only comes to your assistance when it’s needed, saving you fuel as you drive.

[1] 92kW @ 6000rpm. All performance data measured using 95 RON fuel.
[2] 170Nm @ 1400-4500rpm. All performance data measured using 95 RON fuel.
[3] Based on 92kW EcoBoost Petrol Engine. Fuel consumption and emissions as per ADR 81/02 (combined cycle) and to be used for vehicle comparison purposes only. It is unlikely that this fuel consumption figure will be achieved in real world driving conditions. Actual fuel consumption will depend on many factors including the driver's habits, prevailing conditions and the vehicle's equipment, condition and use.


The most important features you'll never use

There are many reasons to feel safer in the Ford EcoSport. It offers you features that help protect you, and others that help prevent the need for protection in the first place. And that adds up to invaluable peace of mind – wherever you go, in whatever conditions.

Safety 2

Airbags All-Round

Get 360 degrees of confidence. With seven airbags you’ll feel protected from every side. These include driver and front passenger airbags, driver’s knee airbag, front side airbags and side curtain airbags.

Safety Features 1

Traction Control and DSC1

The EcoSport’s combination of Traction Control and Dynamic Stability Control helps keep you connected to the road and in control, especially around corners and when overtaking. Together, they help reduce the chances of wheel spin, and over- or under-steering in corners.*

Safety Features 1


EcoSport Titanium’s Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross-Traffic Alert1 helps make you aware of traffic you can’t see. When changing lanes, indicator lights in the side mirrors let you know if a vehicle’s detected in your blind spot. Cross-Traffic Alert will signal if it senses traffic coming from either side when you’re reversing out of a parking spot or driveway.

Safety Features 1

ABS and EBD1

When you have to stop quickly, you want to be sure you stop properly. In an emergency, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) help prevent the wheels locking and sliding, giving you a greater sense of stability and control.

[1] Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver's attention, judgement and need to control the vehicle. May not operate at certain speeds, or in certain driving, road or weather conditions.
[*]  Overseas model shown. Some specs may vary.

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