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New report reveals “100 jobs of the future” for young Australians, including Cyborg Psychologist an

New report reveals “100 jobs of the future” for young Australians, including Cyborg Psychologist and Space Tourism Operator

Experts predict that over the next decade, almost every job in Australia will change. Some jobs will disappear entirely, and new jobs that don’t exist today, will be created.

Ford Australia, Deakin University and Griffith University enlisted experts across diverse industries to help predict “100 jobs of the future”

Future job predictions are based on trends in technology and demographic shifts, and include: Autonomous Vehicle Designer, Cyborg Psychologist, Space Tourism Operator and Robot Ethicist

Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) subjects will become increasingly important for young Australians; while there is much talk is around machines taking jobs; experts say we will work with machines, not compete with them

Melbourne, July 23, 2019 – Today Ford Australia, in partnership with Deakin University and Griffith University, released 100 Jobs of the Future – a new report and online quiz to help Australians explore the future of work. Experts across industry and academia interviewed for the report predict that jobs of the future will include Autonomous Vehicle Designer, Cyborg Psychologist, Space Tourism Operator, and Robot Ethicist.

Predicting the future of work

The 100 Jobs of the Future report offers a diverse sample of potential jobs, including titles, descriptions and skills required, across numerous sectors. The report was developed through comprehensive analysis of existing literature on work futures, as well as in-depth interviews with experts representing industries critical to future work: health, agriculture, engineering and materials science, transport and mobility, computing and artificial intelligence, commerce, and education.

“With a boom in emerging industries and new technologies such as robotics, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, many of the jobs today’s younger generation will do don’t even exist yet,” said Peta White, Lecturer, Science, Technology and Environmental Education, Deakin University. “Our aim with this project is to help parents, educators and industry professionals support the next generation in their future career ambitions,” White added.

Jobs across all categories are influenced by several major drivers of change: technological advances, climate change, data democratisation, globalisation, population pressures and changed demographic profiles. Roles are clustered into 11 broad categories:

  • Technology
  • People
  • Law
  • Business
  • Environment
  • Urban
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Data
  • Experience
  • Space

The report reveals creative intelligence, social intelligence, manual dexterity, problem solving, creativity, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills as essential for the future.

“People will need to work with machines in new ways, rather than compete with them for jobs – this will be the way to keep pace with the changing economy,” said Russell Tytler, Professor and Chair of Science Education, Deakin University.

Building a pipeline of Australian talent

Education is a critical factor in determining individual and community prosperity in a global knowledge economy.

With a workforce of more than 2,000 in Australia, and approximately 1,600 employees in engineering and design-related roles, Ford commissioned this research as part of broader efforts to support Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) education, which will become increasingly important for Australia’s workforce of the future.

Ford Driver Assistance Technologies (DAT) engineer, Louise Nance, said her career exemplifies the opportunities that will be available for the workforce of the future.

“When I started as a graduate four years ago, my job didn’t exist. I hope this report will inspire and support youth to find fulfilling, rewarding careers, and ensure a pipeline of talent for Aussie innovation,” Nance said.

With Australia’s changing economy and business landscape, the importance of cross-disciplinary skills was a common theme in the 100 Jobs of the Future report, with collaboration and practical problem solving featuring among many predicted roles. Both of these skills are central to STEAM education.

“Our business is transforming – with connected cars, autonomous vehicles and new ridesharing models on the horizon,” Nance added.

“There’s an exciting future ahead for those who want to challenge existing systems and reshape the way we will all move around,” added Max Wolff, Design Director for Ford Asia Pacific.

Finding your job of the future

“Through our research for the 100 Jobs of the Future report, we predict a more complex and changing world of work, but one where young people will be able to find or create exciting work opportunities that make the most of their interests and skills,” said Ruth Bridgstock, Professor and Deputy Director of Teaching and Curriculum Transformation at Griffith University.

Future workers will have many jobs over a lifetime, and people who can adapt and stay ahead of the needs of the workplace will prosper. The capacity to learn, and to be strategic about learning, will increasingly become the key to success.

The 100 Jobs of the Future report, future jobs quiz and educational resources can be found at: https://100jobsofthefuture.com.

List of 100 Jobs of the Future:


  • Additive manufacturing engineer
  • Automation anomaly analyst
  • Biomimicry innovator
  • Bioprinting engineer
  • Chief digital augmentation officer
  • Child assistant bot programmer
  • DigiTech troubleshooter
  • Digital implant designer
  • Energy and data systems installer
  • Ethical hacker
  • Gamification designer
  • Integrated home technology brokers
  • Machine-learning developer
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • New materials engineer
  • Quantum computer programmer
  • Robot ethicist
  • Robot mechanic
  • Satellite network maintenance engineer
  • Shadowtech manager
  • Smart dust wrangler



  • 100 year counsellor
  • Aesthetician
  • Aged health carer of the future
  • AI educator
  • Community support worker
  • Cross-cultural capability facilitators
  • Cyborg psychologist
  • Decision support worker
  • Digital memorialists and archivists
  • Displaced persons re-integrator
  • Drone experience designer
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Lifelong education advisor
  • Local community co-ordinator
  • Nostalgist
  • Personal brand manager & content curator


  • AI intellectual property negotiator
  • Blockchain talent analyst
  • Chief ethics officer
  • Community farm finance broker
  • Drone airspace regulator
  • Fusionist
  • Innovation manager
  • Personalised marketer
  • Real-virtual transfer shop manager
  • Sharing auditors
  • Trendwatcher


  • Aged persons climate solutions consultant
  • De-extinction geneticist
  • Digital apiarist
  • Entomicrobiotech cleaners
  • Flood control engineer
  • Integrated ecology restoration worker
  • Waste reclamation and upcycling specialist
  • Water management specialist
  • Weather control engineer


  • Automated transit system troubleshooter
  • Autonomous vehicle profile designer
  • Biofilm plumber
  • Biometric security solutions engineer
  • Human habitat designer
  • Integrated energy systems strategist
  • Massive 3D printed building designer
  • Net positive architect
  • Regional community growth co-ordinator
  • Sustainable energy solutions engineer


  • Data-based medical diagnostician
  • Genetics coach 
  • Health shaper
  • Memory optimiser
  • Nanomedical engineer
  • Nutri-gutome consultant
  • Virtual surgeon


  • Agroecological farmer
  • Bio-jacker 
  • Cricket farmer 
  • Farm safety advisor


  • Algorithm interpreter
  • Behaviour prediction analyst
  • Data commodities broker
  • Biometric security solutions engineer
  • Data farmer
  • Data privacy strategist
  • Data storage solutions designer
  • Data waste recycler
  • Forensic data analyst
  • Freelance virtual clutter organiser
  • Predictive regulation analyst


  • Analogue experience guide
  • Food knowledge communicator
  • Haptic technology designer
  • Media remixer 
  • Multisensory experience designer 
  • Space tourism operator 
  • Sportsperson of the future 
  • Swarm artist 
  • Virtual and augmented reality experience creator 
  • Virtual assistant personality designer


  • Offworld habitat designer
  • Terraforming microbiologist
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Jobs 4